Here is an index for my videos, including links:

MB30S Sampler

Where I talk about the MB30 harmonica and play three samples to give you an idea of what you can do with this harp.

How to back up a harmonica with a guitar #1

Richard Sleigh demonstrates how he plays rhythm guitar to back up a harmonica or vocal without getting in the way

How to Play Rhythm Guitar for Rack Harmonica

Richard Sleigh shows how to develop a groove on the guitar and support a vocal or harmonica.

Dennis Gruenling interview part 1

Richard Sleigh talks with Dennis Gruenling about his record collecting habit and how it inspires and influences his harmonica playing.

Dennis Gruenling interview part 2

The second part of Richard’s interview with Dennis Gruenling. Enjoy!

How 2 play harmonica #1 breathe!

Richard Sleigh shows how to start building a strong foundation for playing the harmonica by practicing breath control

Richard Sleigh on Chording on the Harmonica – Interview for Sample

Join me for a portion of my interview with American Folk Music harmonica player Richard Sleigh for In this interview portion Richard shares his thoughts on the importance of chordal harmonica playing. To watch more of this interview visit and become a subscribed member.

Solo Playing

Auto Valve Blues in A

Richard Show how the auto valve harp can create a style of blues that is based on the single row button accordion. A great way to expand your blues playing on any diatonic harmonica.

Black Magic Harmonica

Richard Sleigh trys out some ideas on playing in C# minor on an A harmonica (5t position) on the song Black Magic Woman.

Cajun Harmonica Tool Kit Broadcast

Richard Sleigh plays a couple of Cajun tunes and talks about new improved harmonica tools and a leather tool wrap for his tool kit. you can reach Richard through the website

 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Solo Harp

Richard Sleigh ( ) plays a straightforward arrangement of Somewhere over the Rainbow on a Marine Band harmonica. Tab will be available soon at the website as a freebie.

Happy Birthday!

Richard wishes himself a happy birthday and encourages harmonica players everywhere to call up friends and play them this song on the harmonica.

R. Sleigh Harmonica Christmas Carols

Richard Sleigh plays a short medley of Christmas tunes and talks about making the harmonica part of your Christmas. For more information on Richard’s projects (including a nifty Christmas website):

 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (In the bayou)

Richard Sleigh plays a low E Marine Band harmonica in a Cajun style starting off with “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” and going out on a two step “contradanse de Mamou”

Playin With Fire (Rolling Stones Cover)

Richard plays an old Rolling Stones song using a C harmonica in 5th position and accoustic guitar. Learn more about Richard’s harmonica instruction including harmonica tuning, upgrading and repair at

 Honest I Do 3:09

This is one of my favorite Jimmy Reed songs. It works well as a solo harmonica piece, and I play the bass line a few times to get that going in the ind of the listener.

 I Don’t Care No More…. (Sonny Boy)

One of my favorite Rice Miller songs. Lo D Marine Band.

Thank you Sonny Boy! – R Sleigh –

Jingle Bells

Richard Sleigh plays Jingle Bells! It is about time…. i have been describing my last name as “Sleigh, like Jingle Bells for most of my life, so you might say this tune has my name on it. Played on a hot rod A Marine Band harmonica. Happy Holidays!

Powerbender Harmonica Blues in E

Richard Sleigh plays an improvised blues based on Brendan Power’s tuning for the diatonic harmonica. He is playing a harmonica tuned by Brendan Power and further customized by Richard Sleigh.

Playing with Others

Brendan Power & R. Sleigh @ SPAH

Brendan Power and Richard Sleigh pair up for an informal jam based on a harmonica fox chase chord rhythm

Georgie (Omie) Buck

Peter “Madcat” Ruth & R. Sleigh team up on “Georgie Buck”. For some reason R. Sleigh insists on calling him “Omie”. Based on a Foxchase rhythm.

SPAH 08 Dave Barret & R. Sleigh – Blues Shuffle

An informal jam recorded at SPAH 2008 in Saint Louis.

Brendan Power & R. Sleigh play the blues (SPAH 2008)

Brendan Power and Richard Sleigh play riffs over a basic blues bass line. Brendan is playing one of his harmonicas with an alternate tuning for all draw bends.

Alison Chase Radcliffe sings Amazing Grace

Alison Chase Radcliffe sings Amazing Grace and is joined by Allen Holmes on bass harmonica, solo by Richard Sleigh on low C customized Marine Band harmonica. Recorded March 8th, 2009.

 SPAH 09 R. Sleigh & Jason Ricci

Richard Sleigh and Jason Ricci get into an informal hotel room jam with “Bad Bad Whiskey” Recorded at the SPAH convention , Sacramento California, August 2009.

James Conway, Brendan Power, & R. Sleigh SPAH 09

Richard Sleigh recorded this session at SPAH 2009.The songs in order of appearance: Si Bheag Si Mhor, Connaughtman’s Rambles, My Darlin Asleep, The Kesh Jig.

 Others Playing

Rich Estrin “Getting Outta Town”

Rick Estrin plays “Gettin Outta Town” on a low D harp customized by Richard Sleigh at SPAH 09 in Sacramento California. This is the sort of thing happens all the time at the SPAH convention.

Jerry Devillier SPAH 2009 recorded by Richard Sleigh

Richard Sleigh recorded Jerry Devillier at SPAH 2009 Convention. Jerry comes from the heart of Cajun country: Eunice Louisiana. Richard asked him to play a couple of his favorite songs on the harmonica and talk a bit about his mentor, Isom Fontineau, one of the great Cajun harmonica players. Isom and Jerry were both recorded and appear on two classic Arhoolie CDs, “Cajun Fais Do Do” and “Folksongs of the Louisiana Acadians”

Grant Dermody “Reubens Train” SPAH 2009

Richard Sleigh recorded Grant Dermody at SPAH 2009. Grant is a Seattle based Harmonica player and instructor, and revives traditional music with a combination of modern musical influences and what Joe Filisko calls “tone bombs” – rich, raspy chords and notes that explode when you least expect them. Richard Sleigh and Grant talk tone, hand techniques, and Sonny Terry. Filmed on a flip video camera at SPAH 2009 in Sacramento California in a sleep deprived state.

L D Miller & friends SPAH 2009

Richard Sleigh recorded 16 year old LD Miller and friends at 3 AM, SPAH 2009. For the same scene, different angle see: (…) LD plays this absolutely hypnotic minor chord vamp with mouth percussion beat box kicking in between the chords. Jamming along was 15 year old Jay Gaunt (with the Buddy Holley glasses), Brendan Powers and Christelle Berthon. Filmed by a sleep depraved Richard Sleigh. TEEN AGE MONSTERS INVADE CALIFORNIA!!!

SPAH 09 Brendan & James King of the Faries

Brendan Power ( ) has this wonderful set-dance tune tabbed out in two of his instructional books with CDs. James Conway is playing a low D pennywhistle. Recorded By Richard Sleigh at SPAH 2009 Sacramento California.