Hi Richard,

Your videos have helped me immensely.  I am playing almost exclusively harps on which I have applied your techniques.  The responsiveness of these harps is incredible and has allowed me to sustain bends & overbends that were more difficult before.

I also did a friend a favor who had some harps with bad reeds & other problems.  I applied your techniques to 8 of them total and below is a text he sent me.

“Mark… Played a gig with reworked harps. I am amazed bro. Played like butter. Notes that use to take some effort came so easy! This could actually take me to the next level. A new way of actually playing certain things and new things happened tonight.”

I really do hope some day to learn firsthand from you.

Mark Vesser, St. Louis

Dear Mr. Sleigh,

It’s been a few months since I bought your book. Today I was able to alter the tuning on a couple of my harmonicas. Nothing fancy, just Paddy Richter tuning. I am just so pleased with the book, the instruction is so clear: the graphics are well drawn and the text is to the point and easy to read. Prior to attempting this, I had no experience working on harmonicas. So far, I have learned with your book how to set up my harmonicas to play well (reed offset, etc) and now how to alter the tuning to fit my own needs. That is just great!. I also have found your videos on youtube very easy to follow and very informative. I would like to thank you for the effort you have put into the book, I can tell you truly love what you do!


Franklin A. Villanueva
Ironwood, MI

PS- In the past, I though the price of the book was a little high but I no longer do, I believe it is worth it’s weight in gold!

Richard –

The book arrived… very nice job on the layout, content and graphics… your expertise and the subtleties of customizing come through in both the text and your drawings… well done Sir Richard.


Gerard Gagnier

Nice work on the books and other assorted projects! and thanks for sending the link to your field guide – information only a true harp geek could love  – i must therefore be a geek.

Trip Henderson, New York City

Hi Richard,
I just read your article re: Just Intonation.  It’s the first time I’ve read an understandable explanation.  It was concise.  I am slowly going through your book, “Turbocharge Your Harmonica”, which I purchased from you at SPAH’s ’09 convention, and it, too, is pretty easy to follow.  I am just beginning to try my hand at rejuvenating my old collection of diatonics, so understanding what method I’m trying to tune for is important.  Thanks for putting it out there.
Regards, Doug Parrish

Hi Richard,

I received the book last night and had a chance to read it.  I thought it was great.  What took me over a year to find out on my own, through trial and error and throught the internet was at my finger tips.   In one easy to read and understand book filled with a wealth of info.  A lot of the material in the book for me was mostly a review buy I did pick up a lot of new tips and ideas.  I can’t wait to try out a few of the tips this weekend.

Well written my friend.  Be proud.

My only question for now is.  When is volume 2 available?

Cheers Walter

Walter Rilkoff
Kelowna BC

Hi Richard. I really enjoyed your book the first time thru, and i know i’ll use it a lot in the days ahead…… it’s got a nice encouraging, humorous, creative bent to it that takes some of the pressure off. so thanks.

Lloyd Thayer, Boston Mass

Hi Richard,

I just played a couple of gigs with the harmonicas you customized. You are a genius! I never had so much fun playing the harmonica.

Thanks, thanks and thanks,

Harris Simon, Williamsburg VA

Hi Richard!

Wow–they are all fantastic!! What a joy to play them–they are like brand new. Tuning, response great on all of them.

The way you set up the Paddy Richter G is great, too, and the low blow notes feel really good on it.

Thank you so much for taking on this project–I really appreciate that. You do great work!

Best wishes, Bruce Kurnow, Petaluma CA