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D. H. “Bert” Bilbro / Steam Train Imitations

If you never heard of D. H. “Bert” Bilbro, I’d like to introduce you to one of the most fascinating harmonica players I have ever heard.   In 1928 Bert recorded a steam train imitation on the harmonica that was done in one take, that at times sounds like two harmonica players  playing at the […]

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Harmonicas and Metronomes

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing” You can take what you already know, tighten up the timing, clear out some space here and there to create tension, hit accents like you mean it, and BOOM! you catch on fire, your friends won’t know what got into you, but they will […]

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Get Rhythm (Cross Patterning) Part 2

I have gotten a variety of responses to the rhythm exercise idea, ranging from “I don’t need this.” to “Wow! this is realy cool!”. I also got enough questions about exactly what to do that I will describe it again as clearly as I can. You sit and cross your arms near your wrists so […]

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Get Rhythm (Cross Patterning) Part 1

Today I have a very simple exercise that you can try with someone who claims that they can’t keep a beat. Or someone who can’t keep a beat, but they don’t know it. Or someone who is trying to learn a new and tricky rhythm. I will get into why this works in a later […]

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How To Play With Time (Harmonica Rhythm Boot Camp)

I tried using a metronome many years ago. I did it out of a vague sense of duty. That somehow it was good for me I bought a mechanical metronome called a Mini-Taktell.  I never liked it . It seemed cold and heartless. Then I found out the metronome was defective. It would speed up […]

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