Reed Replacement Video

Reed Replacement with rivet

This is a video that I made for one of my harp tech students. It is a little rough, but shows some of my tricks of the trade. I could not figure out how to make this video fit in this screen and look professional. You have to click on the link right above this paragraph and then everything goes away but a little video which is starts playing. My first reaction to this was “what the hell is going on?”…

I’d fix it, but I am not in the mood for tech support hell tonight. I am going to go listen to Ry Cooder and tweak some harps……

More info on tools, parts:

One of the tools that I am use in this video is a cast iron Farrell reed replacement tool. You can’t get that particular tool anymore, but you can get a Romel reed replacement tool which is the same basic idea. If you decide to get one, ask them to set it up the way they set it up for me.

Elizabeth Romel at can give you order details if you are interested in the Romel reed replacement tool. has a picture of the tool at the bottom of the page

You can get rivets from Hohner in Virginia. They also sell replacement reeds. I”ll bet that other harp makers will sell you rivets, too if you ask the right person.

In this video I just work with new rivets. My friend Niel Graham in Australia uses copper wire for rivets. I once used a tiny nail for a rivet. It is amazing what you can do if you are desperate, crazy, or have too much time on your hands.

Now – go break some reeds and learn a few things – it’s fun!