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Earlier this summer, I got bored with practicing Pentatonic Scales. A few years ago, I decided that these scales would be my main foundation for playing the harmonica, and I don’t regret that decision at all. They are by far, the most useful scales I have ever worked on, and I truly believe that going deeper into these scales is better for my playing than almost anything else I can do.

But I still got bored, and looked around for all sorts of new things to work on.

Then this morning, I read the following passage from the book “Mastery” by George Leonard:

“the essence of boredom is to be found by in the obsessive search for novelty. Satisfaction lies in mindful repetition, the discovery of endless richness in subtle variations on familiar themes.”

So, I want back to a familiar scale, and decided to make it an exploration of the scale, the possibilities of the harmonica (where are the bends, how can I work the tone, what kind of feeling do I want this to have, how can I make this scale sound beautiful?)

It ended up being an exploration of how I can practice. I didn’t want to quit. It felt good. The recording is not perfect. My timing is a little off. I am OK with that. I am enjoying practice again. That’s the main thing.


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  1. Hal Vandiver
    Posted October 3, 2013 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    Richard, have you tried the same with the G minor pentatonic scale? Was the recording made using a g or c harp? Thanks, Hal

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    Practice for Mastery

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  • Testimonials

    Hi Richard, I just read your article re: Just Intonation. It’s the first time I’ve read an understandable explanation. It was concise. I am slowly going through your book, “Turbocharge Your Harmonica”, which I purchased from you at SPAH’s ’09 convention, and it, too, is pretty easy to follow. I am just beginning to try my hand at rejuvenating my old collection of diatonics, so understanding what method I’m trying to tune for is important. Thanks for putting it out there. Regards, — Doug Parrish

    Dear Mr. Sleigh, It’s been a few months since I bought your book. Today I was able to alter the tuning on a couple of my harmonicas. Nothing fancy, just Paddy Richter tuning. I am just so pleased with the book, the instruction is so clear: the graphics are well drawn and the text is to the point and easy to read. Prior to attempting this, I had no experience working on harmonicas. So far, I have learned with your book how to set up my harmonicas to play well (reed offset, etc) and now how to alter the tuning to fit my own needs. That is just great!. I also have found your videos on youtube very easy to follow and very informative. I would like to thank you for the effort you have put into the book, I can tell you truly love what you do! ---- PS- In the past, I thought the price of the book was a little high but I no longer do, I believe it is worth it’s weight in gold! — Franklin A. Villanueva Ironwood, M