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Practice for Mastery

  G_Major_Pentatonic_Scale Earlier this summer, I got bored with practicing Pentatonic Scales. A few years ago, I decided that these scales would be my main foundation for playing the harmonica, and I don’t regret that decision at all. They are by far, the most useful scales I have ever worked

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Bicameral Blues Rhythms!

Dennis Gruenling – Rocker Dennis Gruenling – Crazy Legs In the two videos above, Dennis Gruenling shows you what it looks like when your entire body is a metronome. Not a standard tick-tock metronome, but a living, breathing, rhythm machine that puts down a groove. Notice how he shifts his

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Harmonica Reed Chart Guide

Organize Your Reeds! Below is a link to a PDF with a new, improved reed chart for finding repair reeds for Hohner Classic diatonic harmonicas: Organize Your Reeds! One of my goals in life is to help close the gap between maintaining harmonicas and maintaining guitars. Everyone who plays guitar

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Peg O My Heart Mp3

  peg o my heart mp3 I tried to make this into a youtube video but my limited patience and skills got the best of me…. This was recorded on a Suzuki SUB 30 in Key or A, first octave converted to standard diatonic (double reed) My friend Chris Rattie

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