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My 5 worst tuning mistakes

I would like to reflect today on how terrible I was for a few years at tuning harmonicas. I have come up with a short list of some of the really dumb things I have done when tuning harmonicas. There are plenty more mistakes that I don’t have space or

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Hertz and Cents!

It Hertz to Have No Cents I am in the process of reading through about 60 pages of feedback, ideas, and questions on harmonica technology and music- notes copied and pasted from your emails into a word document. Thank you for this overload to my questionnaire!  While I was studying

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Reed Replacement Video

Reed Replacement with rivet This is a video that I made for one of my harp tech students. It is a little rough, but shows some of my tricks of the trade. I could not figure out how to make this video fit in this screen and look professional. You

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Tool Kit Instructions & Articles

Here are the instructions for my tool kit, plus an article on my tools by Kinya Pollard. Some of the tools have changed, but the basics of using the tools are still the same. Tool kit Instructions Kinya Pollards Article

What is Just Intonation?

What is Just Intonation? I know how to tune a harmonica. That is easy for me. Understanding what I am doing and explaining it to someone else is a totally different thing. There is something about this subject that makes me a little bit crazy. I keep wanting nice, simple

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YouTube Harmonica Tuning Videos

Click on the Headline above (YouTube Harmonica Tuning Videos) and you will find four links to  my YouTube Harmonica Tuning Tutorials. You will find a crash course in tuning harmonicas – Enjoy!